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Yes, I'd say ask to schedule the next date now, so you know when it will be. I wouldn't send any nasty messages - trying to drive her away or something?

Be the partner you'd want somebody to be for you, give space where its needed (as no matter how badly she is doing it at your expense, that's what she's saying she needs), and keep yourself busy. Tell Loop you are looking forward to seeing her, but you'll try not to bother her for these next two weeks, though you're available for her if she changes her mind.

What you really want to know is "How is what is going on with you and Stine right now going to affect you and me" If you find yourself stressing about it a lot over the next week, maybe you ask Loop that now, and ask for her to be prepared to answer that when you see her, or before you meet so you can enjoy catching up.
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