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I'm totally serious when I say I have been thinking the same shit. I am sure she does have some redeeming qualities. But her immaturity and inability to deal with her own responsibilities in building new relationships is infuriating to me.

The 'I want our families to be friends and hang out' repetition gets VERY OLD when combined with her avoiding me and avoiding dealing with the one thing standing in the way of that supposed desire SHE has. If she wants that, she has a really funny way of showing it.
Of course its all my fault because I am too intimidating. Why? Because I'm not groveling on my knees begging to fuck her?!?!? That just might be because I dont want to fuck her and her physical beauty doesn't trigger in me a desire to get to know her.
I guess when you are used to people throwing themselves at your feet, begging for your attention, it might be intimidating to reach out and get to know someone who isn't desperate for your attention.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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