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It's raining once again in NY, and my bedroom ceiling is leaking.... again. Supposively they were fixing this yesterday, but it doesn't seem like it took. Sigh. The leak seems less severe than when it rained last Wednesday though...

It's a quiet day here, DH is off at the hackerspace he hangs out at so I'm enjoying a little bit of alone time... working on doing some unpacking and reorganizing. We moved to this apartment in September, and it's been a really slow process to unpack. Partly it's due to a lack of storage and a lack of funds due to only one of us currently being employed... The move was expensive and in retrospect, there was some furniture (bookshelves and such) that I probably should have kept rather than trying to buy once I got here. Thankfully, Christmas is coming and both sets of parents have expressed interest in giving us money to go towards furniture. I will be soooooo glad to get the books and the clothes out of boxes! For now, it's just getting some assorted odds and ends out of boxes and into all of my baskets. Baby steps, baby steps!
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