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Finally called a locum out tonight. I'd been getting better, i thought uti was gone - but it came back, and i just couldn't deal anymore. Enjoying my countries health care.
Finally accepted i need antibiotics (this might be a good place to mention that, while i don't use homeopathics etc - i do tend to try to avoid mainstream meds until they're completely necessary.).

I've spoken with M and H about the fact that i do not feel like the meds are doing anything good for me though, and we've agreed that since we can't find my script for anti-anxiety medication, we'll see how i go over the next week while we try to find it. But i'm going to come off the pill. I've got several pregnancy symptoms (sore, larger boobs, possibly the uti, spotting) but they could also be chalked up to the pill. either way, i'm not coping with the loss of my sex drive anymore.
We're just going to have to try and be careful and see what can be done to prevent a pregnancy LOL. because i do not want a baby right now (well i do and i don't - but the fact that there's still that wishy washy 'hormones are ruling my brain' aspect means that i'm continuing on the 'no' side of my decision).

Fingers crossed i get rid of my uti, avoid the thrush that is almost certainly headed my way and avoid a pregnancy.

Oh and its my birthday next weekend so going to also have my fingers crossed that i have a libido again by then LOL
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