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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
I have found that none of the metaphors and similes work to try to explain this - whether it's children, works of art, cars, food... I have heard them all... - the response is invariably "Yeah, but this is different"
It is different. People don't (or shouldn't) have sex with their children (or pets, or cars, or food, or works of art). But, having those things in multiplicity doesn't challenge most people's (western/mainstream) world view. Non-monogamy does challenge their world view. That's how it is different, and at some point we all need to decide which is more important - pleasing ourselves or pleasing everyone else.

There was a Fakebook meme that came through my newsfeed glurge recently. It said, "I have found that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off is easy and fun as hell."
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