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Thanks ever so much, GG. You're right about the grieving. It comes on the heels of some pretty staggering losses (two family members, a close friend, and months of really good writing!) but the more I feel like I'm falling, the more spider-silk shoots out to grab me and anchor me in midair. I'm becoming the center of a web again, one that isn't my blood but loves me just as much.

I miss my dad so much. Now that they've decided to separate and divorce at some point, he's acting as if all the paperwork's gone through, except that when he's gone, he's not at his own apartment or anything. He's out partying. I hope it gets old fast, because I don't recognise this version of him, and I've seen a lot of versions! This one is kinda sad. He's 61 but he seems to think he's 21 again. Nothing against people having fun, but... moderation. Have more than a night or two chilling at home (whatever you call home) per week.

Maybe it's inevitable. His dad was a philanderer and his mother apparently had a husband already. Maybe there's something about us that makes this more likely. Were we all wired for non-monogamy in that line, from Ray and Dorothy on down? What would have happened to me if I hadn't figured myself out? In a decade or three, would I become my own father? I'm curious about the family histories of poly folks!
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