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Default Possibilities

Yes, the meetings go quite well. We talk about a lot of bisexual issues in this group. There are a few more things we stick our nose into. A "lets get to know one another " slow-dance party is coming up.
It is good to meet face to face, share some laughs, and be social.
I like the openness this group has and that try hard to be totally gender-inclusive.
The other group "poly calgary" is quite a bit more closed and secretive, but all one needs to do is really join them and keep "poking".
Now both of them are community oriented and less dating groups.
Which i am so not used to being an ex-gay man, where one night stands and short affairs are quite common.
The groups are still quiet new and i wish ourselfs that we may not burn out over time!
Here is to my new found bisexual pride, which deep down i knew i always had!
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