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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
She would tell me that my lack of belief would have me spending eternity in hell. I know she truly believed all of this and was concerned, but it bugged me that she believed that her god was going to torture me for all of eternity because I never found proof of God.
I'm sorry that you had to put up with that, too. I'm sure lots of people who question the existence of a god have had to. The thing is, their god wouldn't torture you because you never found the proof; it's the blind faith that they want. Absolute faith without proof in the strictest sense. Which seems a tad absurd to me, because what happens to those in parts of the world that never were presented with the idea of a god? Do they go to hell for not having the fortune of hearing about this god that many choose to believe in? That doesn't seem like the will of a just and loving god to me.

Originally Posted by Quath View Post
My guess is that biologists deal with evolution, which seems to be a hot issue for science/religion.
I've spent a while studying evolution, and I don't think religion and evolutionary biology are mutually exclusive. If there is a being capable enough to create our complex systems and everything we see in our world, I imagine s/he would make us so that we could adapt to changes in our environment so that we would survive. I think this is probably the view a lot of evolutionary scientists-- those that choose to believe in a god-- take.

This is all just my opinion...

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