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My husband and I will continue to work things out and talk. We understand that we have a lot of things to work on in our own relationship. We have been questioning the idea of moving more into this whole "poly" world. Its an incredibly new idea or thought to either of us.

From our recent talk, we have talked about the idea of him dating a bit. It seems he's more upset about the idea that he will never experience the type of other relationship that I have more than he is upset about the idea of the two of us together. We realize there could be a lot of problems with this and are being very careful and thoughtful about as much as we can. I am sure we will ask for plenty of advice and thoughts here once we figure out what direction we will go in. Regardless... we will not jump into anything until we know we are ready.
Oh, good! I'm glad you guys are talking.

It IS hard to tell what is what from a distance merely in writing. No body language, voice inflection -- can only go by face value of what is written.

Only you guys know what it going on there in real life.

Glad to hear things are moving forward even if the sorting yourselves out process is challenging.

Hang in there!

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