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So now all three of us know all of the things again! And we're much happier for it. Honestly you guys, I feel 100 pounds lighter. I even feel better about the overall cheating scars. Like, I feel closer to healing, just having looped K in. Her response was so reassuring for me (and I think G too) to show us that even though this one part of our polyship failed, the other part is still growing in positive ways. And I think it was good for G to see that being honest with a partner doesn't automatically incur a breakup/emotional disaster.

Obviously, there is a lot of work left to do. But I feel good about it.
Yay! Moving it forward! Vulnerable Shared, conflict faced. Polyship dealing with it, learning new things.

See? Ethics.

Much cleaner/lighter all around.

Even if the outcome was not as promising, knowing you did the ethical thing would have been balm to the soul.

Good for you!

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