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I'll answer all the questions I saw in the posts....

why would you want to get to "subspace"? - simply put, yes, it is one of the most euphoric states to feel both in body and mind its simply pure bliss, no other way to explain it

aftercare - is an absolute must!! as is complete trust, experiencing subspace is somehting one should only attempt with individuals they absolutely trust and know will give them any aftercare they need/desire/want from simply a hug, to full on being held through body shakes while weeping, it is very intense and should be treated as such

all expects of BDSM when began should be approached at each individuals comfort level, baby steps, only move to somehting more if and when all involved are ready, i would never ever ever suggest someone try something they are nto ready for, if it sounded otherwise i do apologize

all that being said, perhaps if anyone is interested we could simply start a thread or area for BDSM questions/thoughts? I have no qualms answering questions, giving info or simply helping folks find the info they are looking for, just put a few definitions up as i wasn't sure what all folks might want to know about

safe, sane and consensual are so the most important, never try somehting if your not ready, and if you never are do not be pushed/coerced into it, trust your partner as well or please dont play with them

i feel i should explain, i've been practising BDSM since i was 18, am now 32, however, my first forrays into BDSM were NOT consensual, and tho now the only BDSM i do practice is very safe, sane and consensual, i've only been practising subspace for about 2 years, and of that maybe on about 8 occasions really, it is a huge step and should be very greatly thought about, talked about and agreed upon before moving on to

i shall simply wait to see if anyone wants a BDSM section or not and go form there about posting anymore possibly hepful or possibly not info, sorry for any upsetness i caused
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