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Default Your relationship

What a mess you have caused for yourselves,
well hears another different take on this.

1)you are way to analistic, stop the nit picking its driving you crazy.

2) most of this is coming from the fact you both havent really had anyone ell's
so you feel this great sense of betrayal, im sorry but there are no more
virgins left in the world, none virgins are wonderful, the fact this
girl has fingered your virgin wifes cunt does not make your wife a slut.

3) Any openminded grown man knows for his wife or girlfriend to have sex with
another girl its not really cheating, only closed minded insecure men think
like that, a real man will embrace her bisexuallity, there is no cock involved
they are just enjoying there sensuallity with lots of Oral, plus Hey! you may
get lucky.

4) Bisexuality in females is normal and natural since the world began, in the old
days when men went to war and gone for years and the females left at home
it was called giving sexual comfort to each other,only repressive religious
inspired society denies this and should be ignored.

5) You and your wife have become sexually and emotionally attached to this
girl, its almost as if you both have seperate lovers, but its the same girl that
has a emotional deficit disorder, she has fire walls that stop her from
enjoying both of you sexually and emotionally at the same time, that stops
her from agressivly servicing you (even if she wants to) but not with your
wife there, not wanting to look like she is betraying your wife, you sence this
in her, this creates lack of performance with you and possibly jealousy
towards your wife knowing she can make her cream without you..

6)Neither of you want this, but dont want to lose her, it may be good for her
the way she choses to be, but an emotional disaster for you and your wife.

7) You and your wife need to face the music and realize fucking her seperate
will never work, you need to start thinking about fucking her like a loving
inseprable team. Forget the singular emotions or fucking her seperatly in a
different room or one on one, you and your wife need to be their for each
other, wife behind her holding her while you fuck her, verbally urging you
on "fuck that tiny cunt baby, give it to her hard, oh yes fuck that slut, you
doing the same urging her to make her cum on her tongue make her cum all
over your face baby, Once she see's you working together as a team to fuck
her brains out she will lose her dominant control of both of you, her fire
walls will melt, her own body without her mind control will become sexually
agressive like an animal begging you not to stop, she will become your fuck
slave, Deep down thats what she wanted, what did she get at first, a couple
that was to timmid and dithering so she called the shots, no she is not going
to run away, she will be addicted to your cock and your wifes sweet pussy,
any emotional need will be coming from her not you two, you and your wife
will be so much in love and she will be like your adopted incest daughter
you can thank me later.
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