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Okays. Just so you people know, I didn't mean to imply that transwomen didn't count as women and transmen didn't count as men. I know they do.

That question came up in response to Magdlyn saying that a person who didn't particularly identify as either gender would be categorized as hetero or homo based upon their physiology. I was asking, if that was the case, would that logic apply to transpeople as well?

Tonberry's response made much more sense to me.

In the end, your orientation is what it is, and it might change and fluctuate (or rather, what you identify as might), but it might not. Don't hope for it to change is my point, deal with what you've got.
To get more specific, I have reasons for believing that I'm not 100% straight. I definitely get aroused by looking at an attractive women, especially if she's not wearing much . But I'm only interested in doing things with men, and have only wanted romantic relationships with men.

There is one girl who I love very much and feel a strong connection with - and find very attractive - but the thought of a physical relationship with her makes me squick a little. I'm not sure whether that's society's heteronormative programming making me feel like it would be "corrupting" her, or if it's just that I'm naturally not interested in sexual interactions with women?

So my orientation is basically towards men for all practical intents and purposes, which is why I say I'm attracted to men.

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