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Default Your bi partner

My ex girlfriend and I had a girlfriend that used to come over for sex with us, my girl was more sexually dominant with her, however I had no problem letting them play while I watched a ball game, I thought we had everything we needed to be happy till one day my girl was almost in tears and unhappy, when I asked why, it seamed our girlfriend was not only submissive to both of us but she was what you call "passive", she enjoyed all the attention and being sexually dominated and eaten by my girlfriend, but she wouldent return the favor to her, and this drove my girlfriend nuts, it seemed so unfare and selfish, because she had no problem going down on me, but thats the way some females are.

I suspect your girlfriend is the same way, all this unhappyness and accusations with your hubby would go away if your girlfriend would go down on you, you would be very happy and wouldent care about their 1 on 1.
Dont laugh, but we even tried some BDSM and whipped her ass & cunt and punished her breast to force her to go down on her, but she said she couldent.
we ended up letting her know that she needs to find another or others to service her because of her reluctance to orally service my girl was hurting her even though otherwise we were happy together, but even with the possibility of losing two good friends that gave her an excellent sexual servicing she still would not give oral service to my girl, and my girl had such a smooth plump delicious tasty cunt that was so orgasmic and fun to work on. We let her go! within a month found a younger skinny girl that became so orraly obsesed my girl would be up against the wall in the hallway,she would be on her knees, giving oral service to my girl the min the door was closed, so erotic to watch them, seeing the satisfaction in my girls smile was awsome, especially after she cum all over the girls face, little things like this mean a lot.
So if its not happening with her, dont feel obligated, save your relationship, just tell her "your fired". hope nobody got wet reading this!
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