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*sigh* Again, the realities of life come into play. L's wife was going to be out for the night on Tuesday, so he asked me if I would like to Skype in the evening after I put my son to bed. Would I??? Um, yeah. We haven't been able to do a real Skype call in ages because of the way their marriage works. I know that people here don't like DADT, but that's what his wife prefers since she doesn't see other partners. She is fine with him having other women in his life because she is asexual, but two important rules are that she doesn't want to know about it and it can't impinge on their life. So basically, whenever she's home, we can't Skype- or if we do, he wears headphones and types instead of talks. Not quite as satisfying. (Actually, it's been bothering me a lot more lately. I'm in love, I want to shout it from the rooftops and really have him as part of my life. I want him to meet my husband not just for the MFM that we all want, but because they are both important in my life so I think they should know each other. And I wish I could meet his wife, if only so that I could just clear the air with her. But that isn't what she wants and I can understand that. I just wish that we could have a more "normal" relationship where I don't feel like a secret.)

I got ridiculously excited since we haven't had Skype in months, and today he told me he just found out they scheduled him for a work phone conference at 7:30 that night- right when I would have been getting ready to see him He says he'd like to try for after ten when the call ends but I guess we'll see. Poor guy hasn't been getting a lot of sleep lately and I don't want to make it harder for him.

It's just tough because I was so looking forward to it. We still talk, but I haven't had a block of time just for me in ages with him. And I know he really can't do anything about that right now and I just have to keep swimming... but it SUCKS. I'm sure he isn't happy about it either but it is what it is.
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