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Default new poly, new bi?

Hi, I'm really new to all of this so please bare with me and please forgive me if I say something the wrong way. I recently met a couple and moved in with them and I fell for the guy. I love them both actually, but I'm not sure how. He and his girlfriend have been poly-amorous for a while now and were looking for a "second primary". That's me. I had never thought about poly-anything before and I had never thought about girls that way before. I didn't have an experimental period as a teen, or college student, or whenever you're suppose to. Now I don't know how to. If I was still a kid I would walk up and kiss her and then be able to decide if it was gross or if I liked it. But we're adults now and that has the potential to hurt to many people in ways I never want to hurt anyone. I know she would be happier if I was more "well-rounded", but I am a fraidy-cat. How do you know if there's enough of a limb to even try to reach out onto it? And what are the first steps?
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