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Perhaps polysexual can be used to be something between bisexual and pansexual? So the people that identify themselves as bi specifically because they are not attracted to transpeople or androgyny (not all bi people identify this way but for the sake of those who are using it that specific way) and then the people who are pansexual being attracted to everything (presumably or possibly attracted to most everything), then polysexual might be something in between. Maybe you like men, women, and transmen, but not transwomen or crossdressers. Or in my case, I tend to like androgynous people of both genders, men (although not hypermasculine ones), transwomen, and crossdressing men. I probably wouldn't be attracted to a super girly girl, but I wouldn't rule it out. I've never been attracted to a transman that I know of, but I think it is probably likely that I would find one attractive at some point if I met enough of them. I tend more toward males than females, although most of the men I date are pretty feminine.

That whole paragraph to say, I have my preferences, such that I feel like using pansexual might not be completely appropriate, because it is a rare woman that I really get attracted to and my girl crushes are few and far between. Polysexual might be the most appropriate term for me, then, because I have a lot of different things that I am attracted to, but there is a hierarchy and some people I'm much more attracted to than others based on certain gender characteristics.

Bah, that was long. I've been wanting to try and talk through and pin down my sexuality for a while. I like the term polysexual.
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