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Since Ginger has been so sick with Lyme, I've been kind of at loose ends and have gone back to browsing OKC a bit. One guy contacted me this week. He's 28 (that's OK, even though I am 57 I am fine with younger guys).

So, he seems like an intelligent, literate, engineer type. It's obvious he has read my profile as he comments on it and asks me questions pertaining to it. Big plus and I tell him so. We PM back and forth a few times.

Last night he asked me for my phone number so he can hear my voice. Hmmm... So I take a closer look at his profile and Q&As. His profile says he is looking for women aged 23-30, and his Q&As indicate he is not interested in dating someone who is already in an open relationship!

What to do? He's not acting like a horndog who just wants to be with an experienced older woman for hot sex. We haven't even talked about sex. So confusing.
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