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Default poly or not

Hears your answer!

"he thinks to this day he's done nothing wrong and that I and the other girl are the psychotic ones."

Right! from what you discribed his girl in the bar was clearly on your side,
he is pissed off because when they got home, she proberbly walked out on him, or he dident get any pussy. thats why he is pissed off.

to bad you dident get her # she sounded like she wouldent have a problem sharing you if she had known, Get her # next time he calls, im sure you two could go out and laugh your asses off, she sounds more poly than him and who knows maybe you could find a guy that would be happy with you both.

you allowed yourself to get emotionally sucked in, dont worry your not alone,
once you get a new guy or girl ,he will be history.
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