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Default Bisexual Polygyny?

Hi, this is my first post here and hope I can get some direction. My boyfriend and I are 29 years old and currently in an 8 year relationship. We both love each other very much, have great communication, trust and no major conflicts. We enjoy being in a fairly open relationship, but partners are almost all mutual friends and get approved by the other person. Recently we have explored the option of adding a girl to our little family. We were trying out a girl for about 2 months and enjoyed it, but the compatibility just wasn't there. During this time I attempted to research the situation for common snags, pressures, failures and successes, anything to shed some light on the possible path ahead. Anthropological research on India and Tibet is fine and interesting, but not really relevant to my search. The relationship would be mutual all around, a literal love triangle. Any modern western polygynous relationships I have read about usually involve 2 hetero men competing, or at best tolerating each other over one woman. We have found another female that is very promising. Children have been discussed, (though far in the future) and all parties agree, but I am concerned how the relationship would affect the children. We see it as probably more positive, with the almost constant availability of adult attention, but none of us can say for sure what it would be like. I'm very interested in any ideas, advice, experience, recommendations etc. anyone could provide. Look forward to hearing from you.
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