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Like Vix, I came to poly thru cheating and like Vix, that resulted in years of consequences.
Both he gets to see, read, hear anything and everything
I have to patiently listen as he vents his hurt over the breach of trust.

I also happen to agree with GG, lying is a dealbreaker and only the lied to may chose to give another chance. And, imho, the lied to person gets to choose the terms of a second chance. Period.

And, I say that as the one who was the LIAR. It took 2 years and 5 months of PERFECT behavior, total transperency and a LOT of listening and tolerating his angry reactions, before peace was made over my cheating/lying.


I think I would let her ponder that a bit, in light of her '3 WHOLE WEEKS'. Then after that sinks in, time to negotiate. Assuming you want to give her that second chance.
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