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Yup. Pretty strict. Nope. I never played baseball. I was horrible at softball as a kid so never got promoted to baseball.

If my partner? You can tell me you are not sure how to tell me something. Fair enough. I'll take that. Mistakes happen, we are all human. So long as you own it? I'm still willing to listen and negotiate and see what we see. Just do not LIE. Hard truth it to me. We teach others how we want to be treated. I don't want to deal in lies. I rather deal with hard truths, even if they are hard for me to hear or hard for partner to say to me. Spit it out.

Which is why anyone wanting to play in my playground gets the rship playbook first and the chance to add to it/negotiate it with me before they agree to sign up to fly under that banner as my lover/partner. Here's our agreements we made together -- THIS is how we agree to be together and hold each other accountable.

Don't find the terms suitable? Cannot negotiate acceptable framework? Let's not be lovers/partners then. No harm, no foul. We can leave it as good friends.


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