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Originally Posted by amry25 View Post
I don't understand how legal and financial security pertains solely to mff relationships when there are no automatic legal or financial rights given to any non mf relationships (outside or recent fluctuation in the mm ff department).
Right. And gay couples suffer a lot of hassles when it come to issues around raising kids. Or custody after a split. Or other legal rights like hospital visits or inheritances, etc etc.

Are you against all polyamourous relationships due to this issues? Hows does mff differ?
No. I am poly, and have a gf of 3 years and a bf of 9 months. We are not breeding. Ginger and I have grown kids already (him, with his current wife and me with my ex), and miss pixi, while younger, is infertile.

MFF relationships when kids are involved can be complicated in many ways. I feel you're jumping the gun even thinking about having kids with a new partner when you've got 2 little ones already. Leaving kids out of the equation, there are many issues when one is new to poly, NRE, jealousy, time sharing, sex, dates, money, privacy, respect, how much each dyad in the triad cares for, gets along with, or is sexually attracted to the other 2 members. There are dozens of thread here pertaining to triads and unicorns and NRE. Do a tag search and read, read, read.

I get the feeling you think such a situation does not permit equality amongst the participants. Your words portray a second wife as someone who is being used or getting the short end of the stick. Where do these perceptions come from? Do you have or know someone with experience in a relationship like this?
Yes. I've experienced it, have friends that have, plus many here on the board have. Not even a 2nd wife (again, that's illegal), just a gf brought into an established couple. Complicated enough.
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