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for those of you who have followed any of my threads or posts you will know ive been struggling with different parts of my relationship, being in a triad with a married couple. ive choosen, finally, to have some time out in a nearby town in a house of some people i know who are away overseas. this is what i txted my gf today....."i need this time to heal becos the person ive been lately isnt me. im not needy and dependant and i dont like being that" becos i have become a bit too clingy towards my bf, her husband, i think due to the way my gf has made me feel. she replied....."I have made you the person you are not. I will give you space" driving away from their home/my home last night was so, so hard, but i really need this time if i am to either return to the relationship as a whole person, the person i know, or choose to leave the relationship, which means leaving two people i love so very much, and the family i have come to love.
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