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so many things i would never agree to happening here...... where to start?!?!

being told I'm not someones "body type" so he won't touch me even tho I'm doing him sexual favors? been down that road, not playing there again, either give what you want or get the hell outta my bed, but thats just me, if my partner aint into touching me, i fail to see the point of doing things for them

being lead to beleive my partner is a possible molester/pedophile? this would warrant looking into immediately and as deeply as possible, each state and or county/city is supposed to have this info online, GO CHECK IT OUT NOW!!!!! if that doesn't have you running for the hills, your either far more forgiving than i or truly not wanting to see what may be right in your face, heres hoping your fella aint on any list

being giving money and a car to make up for anything "missing or lacking" in said relationship? okay, again me personally i choose to be with someone cause they make me happy, i enjoy their company, they are nice to me and in general a good person, so honey do whatever you like, but this seems cheap/tawdry/off putting to me

all that being said, seriously, at least look into the molesting/pedophile more and see whats what, good luck to you
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