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Default Update

Sunday is monogamous. These days, hugs are few and far between. I had a long period of grief, and I have a hard time not taking it personally, but I try to be philosophical about it.

Asha, Easy and I seem to have settled into a more platonic-type relationship. No one seems to have the energy for more.

Moose is 18, and hopefully growing up some. He often chooses not to be a part of family outings. I find this both normal, and disappointing. He has a steady girlfriend of a year, who I like very much, which means I'm always waiting for them to break up.

All of the other kids are doing fine. They're growing up, and my Monkey is old enough now that she babysits the younger two while we go out and do adult things.

The divorce I was talking about before finally happened, though of course nothing went easily. The husband now hangs out with us a lot, and seems to be becoming part of the family. If I ever blog again, I'll come up with a name for him.
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