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I feel a bit crazy today. Dealing with weirdo parents. Thinking about eldercare issues. Digesting new environment and new doc for parent.

Being around other people and anticipating child coming home from school all bouncy. Then the evening is not our normal evening with school activities.


Not enough space/time in between all these scheduled things for me to get mental breaks and change mental gears to meet each new demand. I struggle today.

Knowing that I do not thrive in situations with too many people, with too much going on that I'm not all prepared for?

I am going to be mindful of my limits and proceed with caution.

Because I don't want to flood just because I mismanaged self, time, environs and ended up overscheduled, overfull, or spread too thin.

I am cleaning the house to diffuse some of my nerves and create a hospitable environment.

I will be making dinner shortly but if I need to give that the boot, we can always do subs! (Plan B is always a good thing!)

I will remember to breathe -- I keep catching myself holding my breath. Like I'm waiting for another shoe to drop SUDDENLY from nowhere. I do not need to be making my own tension.

I can always stay home too -- DH can deal with the kid's school things.

I can remind myself tomorrow is a full day planned to spend ALONE to recharge my batteries and I have a date planned with DH ALONE as a couple.

I will breathe.

I will breathe.


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