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Hello and thank you for your response.

That is a good question. To clarify yes, the new partner was discussed between the two of us. I expressed an open mind, but could not guarantee how I would respond other than that I would try.

I have written him my boundaries of things I am and am not comfortable with. I know that this can easily turn into he said she said... somethings however I feel are a bit insensitive. Before he left I wanted to clarify so that he did not have any false expectations that I was not comfortable having anyone live with us at this time and his response was, "that's disappointing." Which in my heart kind of hurt... maybe I am being too sensitive?

I want to please him and be a good partner. I am really friggen torn. It would be absolutely wrong of me to day "umm... can you come back home?" When he booked the flights and everything to go out there. I need to give him the freedom of exploring these next two weeks, but I question whether I can do this anymore in this situation.

No matter what, I am not going to leave him. That is straight up. He is my husband and my life partner... but this sucks.

I also fear what would happen if I asked him to not see her again. He would be really upset and I almost feel that too would be wrong and inappropriate of me.

Lots of complicated things to think about.

Thank you again.

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