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The name of this site is Not They are 2 different terms. Look it up.
Ahhh okay, now I see our mistake with the symbolism. That was much more constructive, thank you! We seriously looked at the URL like 10 time and didn't see. It was not our intent to exclude some of the participants in the community, sorry.

The single woman who wants to be in relationship with an established couple is so rare as to be likened to a mythical beast.
I understand that what we seek is probably one of the closest subsets of Polyamory to monogamy. Our primary concern is with maintaining a single family unit and someone we can have children with. It is difficult for us to imagine this structure with outside of a single female. Despite this, I am positive such situations (non-mww) have existed and flourished and you have encouraged me to search for others' experience in this area.

Also we are aliens and attract mythical creatures with sufficient focus so the rarity of them is not particularly disconcerting .
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