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I just needed to vent a little to some of the only people in my life who'll get it. I have two long term bfs. One is slightly more successful and mainstream than the other. I love them both dearly and consider them both life partners.

I've been out as Poly to my mom and my whole family since day one, but my mother and sister decided early on that they approved of the successful boyfriend and didn't like the counter culture one. They got it into their heads that I truly loved the successful bf and didn't really love the other. There are semi-constant derogatory comments about the bf they don't like and a general assumption that I will soon leave him for the "better" man, since of course, it's impossible to love two people at once right?

I was just at my mom's last night and I told her about a Jokey text the favorite boyfriend sent me about stealing me away to live in Portland with him (he's there on business and really loves it), and my mom says "I wish he WOULD steal you away, cuz I think HE'S the one you love". Ugh! SO tired of them not getting it. Anyway, thanks for listening. I just needed to get out my frustration. Yelling at my mom or patiently explaining my situation doesn't seem to work
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