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We watched 'The Lucky One' tonight as a family. It was an emotional movie, but a nice, relaxing and mellow evening.
Our weather is a bit insane at the moment. Didn't know Alaska had a monsoon season, been here 34 years, never seen anything like it. But, I suppose there is a first for everything!
Sour Pea went to tears, inconsolable sobbing when GG left for work (he takes 'lunch' between 7-9 pm to do the bedtime routine with her). Maca is curled up in her bed now reading her a story, but it was an impressive emotional breakdown. The whole of her hysteria, combined with our unreal and unusual weather got my heart ticking with nerves. I trxted him to drive safe tonight and to let me know when he was home safe. I don't usually hear him when he comes home, he sneaks in quiet as a mouse around 2am.
Now, off to dreams for me. Tomorrow, statistics homework!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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