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I had an experience at a young age where my caretaker took me to her Baptist church on the end of our block to get saved. And I ran screaming from that whole deal. They also put the "fear of God" into me about how my mom was going to hell for being an atheist.

But after a few brief moments of doubt (erm, doubting my doubts I suppose) I returned to pretty stable diet of rational skepticism(atheism).

I spent most of my life with a gut feeling that something was wrong, in that, people who liked to praise Jesus had a place to go and share fellowship and network and build strong communities on a weekly basis and atheists did not. That seemed like we were willfully accepting a power imbalance and I would occasionally joke about starting an atheist church when I grew up (and sometimes embellish the joke by doing my charismatic leader routine where I would charismatically preach the gospel of not listening to anything that I have to say)

To my absolute and utter astonishment, a woman that I fell very deeply in love with, introduced me to the UU church, where many atheists gather alongside many people of other faiths. Coincidentally she introduced me to polyamory at about the same time, and all of the first polyamorists that I met were UUs so the two became oddly coupled in my mind for a while.

So anyway, that's the story of how I became a church going atheist. My own church here at home totally rocks.
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