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Thanks for the responses. NYC- I haven't been accustom to men who don't enjoy processing. Its a learning curve for me for sure. a big one.

I was concerned because the wife he is fluid bonded with has a permiscuous boyfriend. She hadn't been tested since entering his life and I didn't know where he was at with that either. Turns out that Brad had been tested (I knew he had been) after the last time the wife had sex with the bf... About 6 weeks a month ago. He was fine. No concerns.

I wasn't too concerned except for the reaction I got last time from my other loves. Remember way back when I was just seeing Mono and him and PN had a really hard time with a condom breaking during sex with a bf that I didn't know anything about sexually? Anyway, I thought their reaction would be similar. It wasn't. Thankfully... Largely because I crossed my "T's" and dotted my "I's" this time as best as I could. Stopping right away helped with that security also.

We were just getting over my telling him the story and beginning to cuddle up again when his boy woke up and I had to go home... So no, no more lovin'
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