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I think another that that is hard, need to get use to, is the process of starting over. With my husband I have known for 10 yrs, I know him inside and out, him and I have a song a dance so to say. If I am upset or say something, he has learned to come in and comfort me. Even with the two women, we have known each other for so long we can just read each other. With my bf, who is very introverted, and i am extroverted, I can't read him yet, and I am still learning about it. I mean its fun to have that newness but at the same time, its been so long its hard to not compare I guess. His relationship with me is still very new, only been "dating" for maybe 2 weeks offically, we have been talking for over 3 months now. Part of the reason I wish he was closer, I think that added connect would help. I love him as a person though, he is wondful, caring, and someone I can trust. I do look forward to him and I growing together and learning more about him
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