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Calling an attitude transphobic is not name calling. Transphobic is an adjective, not a noun. If I called RfromRMC's friend a stupid jerk, that would be name calling.

As BoringGuy said, this entire thread is about whether being bi or pansexual is just semantics, so I believe I am quite on topic.

Actually, I am now having fun imagining the guy in question, with his super girly girl, womanly woman, 2nd date, and they get into a clinch and he discovers she has a little something extra in her pants. What would be his reaction in the heat of the moment? After all, he likes guys, he's played with their cocks (I assume). Would he just stop and say, "Oh, I'm sorry ma'am, your clit is too big for me. Gotta run!"

Or does he just go with it?

Or, does he quiz every woman before the first sex act (makeout session where there is genital contact of some kind), "Ma'am, are you cisgendered?"
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