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Magdlyn: Typically in discussions of this sort, I have always heard male/female in reference to sex/biology and man/woman in regards to gender. It is a way to differentiate the two and clarify that sex is separate from gender. So your friend was born a biological female (ovaries/vagina/female sex characteristics are all that is needed, not a feminine gender identity) and who has the gender of a man/boy. I would refer to your friend as he in all conversation and show deference to his gender over his chromosomal/biological sex. All I am saying, is that there is nothing wrong with having a preference that doesn't include people who weren't born cis-gendered or having their gender match their original sex.

Not to mention, the original comment that you reacted to really had nothing to do with that at all. It was simply them saying they liked feminine women and masculine men. It had nothing upon nothing to do with transgendered or transsexual individuals.

Annabel: I'm not trying to say what should or shouldn't be offensive. I'm trying to say that I think Magdlyn very clearly misunderstood the intention of the post and put something into it that wasn't there to start this whole thing. I don't see how saying one likes masculine men or feminine women in any way translates into transphobia, and most of the other people in this topic are agreeing. It wasn't even some careless or ignorant slip of speech. It literally had nothing to do with transpeople at all and Madglyn made it about that.

People are more than welcome to educate others when it comes to thoughtless or offensive speech. I do it all the time. However, I don't think this is something that most people agree falls under the domain of offensive speech. People sometimes bring their own baggage to conversations and I feel like this is what is going on. If Magdlyn is dating someone who is a trans-person Magdlyn may be more prone to view any discussions of gender through the lens of trans discrimination because of what she has seen her partner go through.

It isn't fair to expect to know what is in anyone's pants. For the man discussed who said he'd prefer women who were born females, I don't know how he would know, but if for some reason he could tell, then he wouldn't be attracted to it. There was no demand for disclosure implied.

All I have been trying to say is the reason transpeople are being discussed is because Magdlyn brought it into the discussion by mistakenly assuming people were talking about that without clarifying when there was no evidence to suggest they were being discussed.
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