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People can be offensive without meaning to, but I think that nothing in this topic comes even close to Conan making fun of trans-people actively. That is a malicious thing. Making jokes at someone else's expense IS often meant to be offensive (but only to the small minority groups that cowards don't think will backlash against them, turns out when there was backlash he backed off). I don't think the comparison in this topic is fair. No one here was disparaging anyone, simply expressing sexual preference.

Using the term born sex correctly is not offensive. Sex and gender are different and I am fully aware of that. A vagina makes a biological female, not a woman, but a biological female, and a biological female (that is super feminine) is what the person in question is attracted to. I meant it that way.

All I am trying to say is that no one is trying to hurt transpeople in this topic and your inflammatory reaction isn't doing your cause any good. No one was trying to offend in any way shape, or form. If someone might have been mistakenly offensive, instead of coming in here and calling people names (transphobic), perhaps you could have asked for clarification instead. Now you are defending your reaction that turned out to be rallying against something that didn't even happen in the slightest.
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