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Originally Posted by RfromRMC View Post
He was explaining that he is not personally attracted to those types, and is attracted to masculine biological men, and feminine biological women. Thus, he identified as definitely Bisexual and clearly not pansexual.

Does that make him transphobic?
The term "biological men/women" is also a subtle slur against transpeople, just was as your earlier term, "born man/woman". There is much about transpersons/intersexed persons that makes them the gender their brain is telling them they are. It could be genetic, it could be brain chemistry, it could be ambiguous genitalia. These conditions all involve biology. When you say biological, you are implying a penis makes a man and a vagina makes a woman.

The preferred term for what you are trying to say is cis-gendered, where your identity happens to match your genitals. Lucky cis-gendered people! We have privilege.

It chaps my ass when they say, "Heather was born a man," if she is a transwoman. If she was born a man, she wouldn't be identifying as female today.
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