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Thanks AnnabelMore! I've definitely been trying to come up with ways to make it work for the three of us. It's easier that she lives alone, I just get tired of being the one who always has to go to her, pay the bridge tolls, and drive home at 1 AM. I think it's just going to take time and generosity on everyone's part to get where I want to be, and since it's more a matter of inconvenience and idealism than necessity, we have the space to move slowly and adjust.

What sort of wigs me out is that Moonlight is extremely concerned that something is going to happen to piss Fly off and then he'll somehow put the kibbosh on her and my relationship. With the whole threesome thing, she's told me that she doesn't really want to sleep with anyone but me, but that Fly's a cool guy and she's willing to go there if it will make him happier and feel better about her. That just absolutely makes me want to cry! I think she confuses me wanting to maintain my responsibilities to him and our family with him having power over me. I've been trying to convey that I decide how to steer my life, but that his opinions and needs and wants have weight with me, just like hers do.

Despite the ongoing learning curve, things have been awesome. A family member of Moonlight's (who lives in a different state) had a medical emergency last night, and she was upset and wanted me to come spend some time with her. I loved that Fly said "Of course, go to her! She needs you!" when I told him. I've wondered how he would handle me being with someone else so often, since past lovers have pretty much been on a once-a-week or less basis. It's early days, but things look promising. I wish she lived closer - I'd love to see them both every day!

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