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The other night laying in each others arms.
Me: Mmm. That would be fun. (We were talking about the V thing again.) Would love to give you that side of me and see that side of you.

Him: Well. If things work out, I'd like to give you that. You should have it.

Me: I should have it? Being a hinge? Why?

Him: You deserve it.

Me: I deserve it? Why?

Him: Because you play well.

Me: I play well? We've been closed. I haven't played at all as a married. How would you know I play well? I don't even know yet.

Him: You played well before, you play well now. You deserve it. You play well in my head and in my heart. (implied: I'd continue to play well if we extended "Open in Mind & Heart" to "Open in Mind & Heart & Body & Soul" and really Open the Marriage completely. He trusts me. )

Me: Ugh. You are being horrible at me. Cut it out. (Stuffing myself into his armpit.)

Him: (laughing) Why horrible? You do play well.

Me: You know why! Horrible! Horrible! (Squirming in pleasure in his armpit. Pleased to be that trusted, and pleased to hear him reaffirm that he trusts me. And kinda turned on. Mind/heart intimacy sharing with him always turns me on. )
Me: Babe?

Him: What?

Me: (muffled in his armpit.) Do it again. Be horrible at me. Really horribly horrible! Wonderfully horrible. More! More!

Him: More horrible?

Me: Yes! YES! It's wonderful! It's horrible! It's wonderful horribleness!

Him: (making a joke by quoting Queen Carlotta) Get it! Get it!
It became all kinds of playful sex of course.

That man. He's horribly, horribly, wonderful! So satisfies.

I love that he's secure with me. I love that he trusts me so. I try to carry that trust he places in me well. Some things are earned.

So when my mind wanders the last few days it goes there to revisit the wonderful horrible. My ears feel hot. My cheeks feel flushed. I grin a silly grin. My heart feels full and all kinds of gushykooshy sensations run through me.

I love him. Besotted! Smitten! Horribly so! Whee!


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