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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
No, JaneQ said Dude said the woman had to have been born a woman. But that that means with a vagina. It's a tricky concept but yet still quite disrespectful to transpeople.

I am not just concerned with my gf here, but with all transgender, intersexed and genderfluid people. Heck, I'm genderqueer myself. The fact that so many are confused by the concepts I am talking of here shows an area of ignorance I am trying to throw some light on. Our culture supports the idea that it's perfectly natural to be disgusted by transpersons (no matter how femme the woman is or how butch the man is), much less attracted to them.
I'm curious what your thoughts are about individuals who are SPECIFICALLY attracted TO androgynous/gender-queer/transpeople. Would that be considered disrespectful or "phobic" or "anti" in any way?
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