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Originally Posted by polypenguin View Post
perhaps he is from a different culture, if so, I think a response to ANY of these posts and questions would certainly help clarify. You're right, this is someone's life. That baing acknowledged, it holds little value to wether this is an honest desire shared between three people, or a troll waiting from the shadows for the "opertune" moment to take what he desires.

Ok, I'm going to let you off the hook. I WAS BEING SARCASTIC.

This is obviously a troll who wants to watch us argue with each other, and amuse itself by seeing if any of us will take the question seriously.


By the way, it's "opportune", not "opertune".

But seriously, how could anyone not tell that this is a troll post? If it were a real post, they would come on and introduce themselves, give more details, such as how long the relationship(s) have been going on, the ages of the people involved, etc. etc. This is not even difficult. It's amusing to see people giving it the benefit of the doubt and trying to give it a sincere answer. It's amusing to see people trying to give ME a sincere answer, but I'm not here to mess with people's heads. I'm telling you this because it looks like you think I'm sticking up for the OP. I think that what the OP is talking about is gross and perverted, whether it's really real or whether it's made up to get people on this forum arguing with each other.. Now I'm going to wait for someone to tell me that I'm being "judgmental" and that if all the people involved in the OP's situation are OK with it, then it's not our place to say anything against it.