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I typed up a whingey post yesterday. but luckily just previewed, not saved/posted it.
Its been a hard weekend.

I'm under a lot of stress for uni, M had some kind of tummy bug (that we keep calling man flu behind his back ), H had a really weird period which was very reminiscent of the multitude of uterine infections she had after little miss 9months ago. We ended up in hospital last night for a few hours. But so far nothings turned up, and she is a lot better - so is M for that matter.

Plus i have had a really bad UTI, and the hospital wouldn't help me last night (because it wasn't pregnancy related...H's issue was still potentially related to her birth) But i have done every single dr-free thing to fix it, and its almost gone now. Still have a migraine, but whatcha-gonna do.

So since its been a painful-crotchety week for all of us, M and i had our first day of snapping at each other. I understood for most of the day that it was just him being sick and grumpy, and was fine with that, but he made some stupid comment which implied that a $2 disposable product was more important than me getting better, and it was, yucky. i cried on him for about half an hour in the shower last night.

I keep reminding myself (well, H keeps remind me...and M) that its my first real relationship, and i'm not always good at expressing what i need. and he's a grouch and i run from conflict.

Its also almost 11pm, and little miss 9months old is still wide awake trying to remind her that a. she needs sleep, and b. neither the laptop nor the apple chargers are teething toys.
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