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Originally Posted by NewGurl View Post
S is dating G and myself, all 3 of us are poly but G and I are only with S at the moment, no others. I am "dating" a mono guy and although he seems ok with me being poly ( I was upfront and honest right from the start) I don't know how to explain a zigzag (my new term) to myself or my housemate or any of the select few that know I am poly. I guess my question is does a zigzag work? Can 2 hinges work? Is 2 hinges together too stressful?
It's generally called N or Z, as to keep with the V. Of course it can work. Just as much as any type of relationship configuration can work. I would imagine the term explains itself, as soon as you mention that it follows the shape of the N/Z. On person and another person have a partner each, and those partners are with each other.
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