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Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Maybe I only saw universe? I don't know, the only bits of Stargate I saw I wasn't all that impressed with.
Possibly. Or maybe you just didn't like it. Anyone who liked Universe, probably watched it before SG1 and Atlantis, or just didn't like SG1 and Atlantis to start with. Universe is just far from either.

Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
I am a fan of harder, darker Sci Fi, so for me there are plenty of franchises that stand out above Star Trek and Star Wars. Of the Stargate series, I much preferred SGU, because of the darkness, otherwise I found it simmilar to the other big franchises. I loved Babylon 5 because of the amount of detail in the story, the richness of the characters and the massive story arc. Also a big fan of Farscape for the utterly alien nature of things, including the characters. And, even though I am far from being a Browncoat, I will put my vote in for Firefly for the less heavy end of Sci Fi. Add in Doctor Who to the less heavy mix and I think that's my top list.
I keep meaning to watch Farscape, but definitely, Firefly/Serenity was awesome. I'd probably say my fav sci-fi in all, with Stargate being second. I also enjoy Doctor Who, the newer ones, at least. think I'm too young to have ever seen any of the original episodes whilst they were on. But I'd not watch them now, just because of how used I am to more modern TV. Just the props alone in the original Doctor Who messes with me.

Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
Oh, I was sticking with Trek/Wars because, you know, the OP.

However I adore the first 8 Seasons of SG-1. I've always been a big fan of those kinds of sweeping stories with the "little" guys getting to step up, play with the "big boys" and win. That and Teal'c and Bra'tac stealing the damn show so often. Proud Alien Race Guys that don't fall into Worf Syndrome? Yes, please, I'll take two. Already covered? Thanks!

Babylon 5, though, has to be my favorite Sci-fi series in a long long while. The main advantage it had was the scripted nature of it's seasons. The big, long arc mixed with the gritty and often realistic (space combat physics! <3<3<3!!!) nature of the setting made it so worth while for me. I mentioned how I loved the grit of DS9, but B5 did that AND had the "Clean" sections of Trek in the same, believable setting. From the clean and polished officer's quarters and the command center all the way to Downbelow with it's transients and homeless, human and otherwise.
Yeah, I think I knocked this topis way off, just with my comment. =P Sorry OP. XD I agree with all your Stargate paragraph though. =]
never got into Babylon 5. I think my mum watched it a fair bit, who also got me into Stargate, I remember. =P But I think the whole tightly scripted nature was the same reason I didn't like it. It felt very forced. But that was very long ago. I've recently had a friend watching through them again, and I've been seeing her talk about it a lot on facebook. Making me think I should go ahead and give it another chance.

DS9 was the one series of Star Trek that I watched a fair few episodes of. I thought it was the best one, but still didn't get me into Star Trek. [you know, just to bring the topic a little back. XD]
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