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Originally Posted by MusicalRose View Post
Have you ever looked into Infected Mushroom? They're not ambient or metal. They're classified as psychedelic trance. I used to be pretty into rock/metal, but now I've wandered into that kind of music for a few years now.
Yes. One of my favourite bands, in fact. =] Wasn't so keen on the very newest album. Found myself zoning out of it easily. But everything up to that point, was pretty cool. If you're into more Electronic styles, I'd have a look at London Elektricity. They call themselves "Liquid Funk", which is a mish-mash of Funk, Jazz, Trance, Ambient, Drum n Bass... and a whole list of other things. =P I really enjoy the newest album "Yikes!", but haven't been able to find much of their other stuff, other than on youtube.
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