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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
I am a fan of harder, darker Sci Fi, so for me there are plenty of franchises that stand out above Star Trek and Star Wars. Of the Stargate series, I much preferred SGU, because of the darkness, otherwise I found it simmilar to the other big franchises. I loved Babylon 5 because of the amount of detail in the story, the richness of the characters and the massive story arc. Also a big fan of Farscape for the utterly alien nature of things, including the characters. And, even though I am far from being a Browncoat, I will put my vote in for Firefly for the less heavy end of Sci Fi. Add in Doctor Who to the less heavy mix and I think that's my top list.
I think my parents liked to watch a bit of Doctor Who when I was young. I still remember the beginning music.. I saw an episode or 2 and thought they were pretty scary at the time, laugh :-). But they stuck to me.. the music, the bit that I saw... I really liked it. As mentioned before, never really got into Stargate, but maybe that'll change one day. I did kind of like Babylon 5 but never managed to see too many.. Part of it all may be that I generally watched tv -with- someone.. and the one show that my family all liked watching was Star Trek TNG; we were also all Star Wars fans :-)
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