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You really do just need to be honest and upfront, my only advice going forward is not to be sexual so quickly with mutual partners of your bf without figuring out if you like them or not (more important if you feel conflicted telling them "was nice to try it out but you're not a good fit for me" if they work out with your bf). I imagine you don't want them to feel obliged to dump him if they feel stupidly awkward because it didn't work out with you?

A potential gf of my now ex was wonderfully brave and stated right up front that she was interested in dating me too - I was totally put on the spot on what to say, but I was honest and said I didn't think I was interested right then - that gave the relationship the time and space to grow naturally, and we did develop a friendship and more, but nobody was trying to force anything, and I think that's the best way for things to work, especially if its more than a dyad involved.
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