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I find it really unlikely that your wife is amazingly in love with somebody after two weeks. You state you thought you were both the happiest you have ever been. I'm going to project MY life experience a bit here, so don't take offense if what I say is all off base.

Have you actually discussed this with her? There is always the possibility she OR you weren't really that happy, and distracting from your issues with the joys of awesome fun sex. Did one or both of you wish to have more mutual hobbies or interests? More cuddling or romantic dates?

Good chance your wife is just dealing with first time in a long time NRE and acting insensitive. I myself spent a week with my first poly lover and was sure it was going to be long term love forever and all that - the next time I saw him months later, I didn't even want to kiss him let alone have sex with him - so no matter what your wife is thinking/feeling about this awesome person this early on she doesn't really know him, or know how she will end up being with him. Read threads on NRE, know that most people who get stupid crazy on it will apologize for their behavior in a few months. Realize somebody who gets crazy on it and DOESN'T apologize for it is probably not a partner you want to be with.

In your place, I would've asked the texting be kept to certain hours, so it wasn't disrupting my time with my partner. I don't think thats your problem though.

What hateful things did he say during your conversation? Did your wife think they were hateful? Sharing a couple of those comments could help random online people give MUCH more pertinent advice about if you're over-reacting because you want to not be poly and would rather do NSA, or if he's an actual prick and your wife is blind to his faults.
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