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Originally Posted by evelinkfalls View Post

Also is it normal for a couple to go from having sex at least once a day (more for him) to maybe 2 or 3 times a week when they are doing this triad thing? Part of it has been that she is always or was always here so I wouldnt feel comfortable just dragging him off to the bedroom or initiating anything when she was in he'd with us as she is more of a cuddler.
If he is a married/co habitating person, and his partner does not want her there all the time.. SHE SHOULD NOT BE THERE ALL THE TIME. Unless you want her there all the time? If you don't - make a schedule - really, if this were a platonic friend of your husband's, would you let them cock block you a few days a week? If the answer is yes, you should get yourself to some counseling ASAP. Set the precedent now for what you want and need - or you could find months of unhappiness turning into years if you can't speak up clearly for what you want.

And I wouldn't consider it a triad at all unless she is romantically interested in you, which it doesn't sound like she is. In a V, I wouldn't invite the other arm to spend so much time with us unless she was a BFF, my husband can go hang out at her place if he wants her company more than I do.
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